Services – Copyediting, ghostwriting, magazine design

Whether you need any type of work edited, proofread or written on your behalf, get in touch with us using the contact information below this page. Our work covers all prose writing, from fiction to letters, from Christian books to CVs, from children books to annual reports. Here is some information on each type of service.

This includes the three levels of editing and more.
Proofreading: Correction of typographical errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors, malapropisms, and formatting inconsistencies.
Copyediting: Editing for grammar, word usage, word breaks, concord, capitalisation, parallelism and mechanics of style; checking for consistency of voice and mechanics, internal consistency of facts, and for overall structure and flow of the prose and writing style.
Stylistic Editing: Clarifying meaning, eliminating needless jargons and clichés, polishing language, and other mechanical line-by-line editing. Breaking of long sentences and analysing of sentences for clarity and structure. Reworking of confusing writing.
Standardising: To British or American English.
Formatting Consistency: Consistency in placement and formatting of body text, headings and tables.

Developmental Editing (Revising or Rewriting)
We occasionally find that a job is such that it is far below publishing quality. When this happens we inform the writer and tell them what needs to be done. That may involve doing research and re-writing the material.

Another type of developmental editing we do is working with an author at every stage of the writing process. From start of the book to finish we are in touch with the author offering suggestions, research, writing, and re-writes as to content, layout and presentation.

We write your book or material while it carries your name as its author. That is, you propose an idea for a book and ask us to compose the original manuscript. The sole rights for the final manuscript go to you. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.

There are people who are fired up with the inspiration to write a book but never actually do it. They may lack the time to sit down to write or simply don’t trust their ability to do so. There are others who have started a writing project they can’t finish. These people need a ghostwriter. When you engage us to write your material, we become your writer, rather than writers-for-hire.

To write your autobiography, all we need will be access to diaries, photographs, notes, interviews, books and other relevant materials, and some interviews with you to fill in certain areas or clarify some points. Our pool of talent is equipped to handle this – use your store of knowledge, memories and experiences to produce a unique narrative that is worth telling. Rather than produce a generic book that gives a generic picture of life, we will produce a book that chronicles the travails, wants, fears, hopes and dreams that have shaped your life.

Whether it is a pitch letter, a self-help book, a Christian book or general knowledge book, get in touch with us.

Indexing and Bibliography
We produce back-of-the-book indexes as well as linked and active indexes for your eBooks or other electronic publications. We recognise that a good index increases usability and potential sales of a given text. As professionals, we are able to recognise key concepts in a given text, identify connections between terms and between various parts of the text, and make distinctions between substantive discussions and passing mentions of a term.

We look at your material from the reader’s perspective and synthesise information to write appropriate entries and cross references that ensure your readers can quickly find the information they are seeking. If you have a preferred format, we work with it. Otherwise, we have found that most publishers and authors are satisfied with the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition) adapted to fit the subject area and relevant preferences. We have worked on text covering various fields and will be glad to discuss your project.

Magazine Production
We produce magazines, brochures and end of year journals for schools, companies and associations. We also provide formatting and layout and general consultancy services for all kinds of magazines and journals.

You hand in your articles and we do the rest. In the alternative, you simply tell us what you have in mind and we write content and hand you your magazine before the deadline following agreed terms and timelines.

Our other services include:

  • Website content writing
  • Business or proposal writing
  • Book cover design
  • Manuscript synopsis
  • Transcribing
  • Reading, evaluation and critiquing