Procedure for copyediting

We work on soft copies. You may email it as an attachment or send a CD-ROM. But for a full-length book with complex formatting we prefer that you give us a disk copy as well as a printout because codes and formatting sometimes get squished when a document is sent online.

We work in MS Word. If you use any other software, let us know beforehand so we can work out how to accommodate you. Once we have your job we evaluate it at no extra cost to you. We will then inform you of what is to be done, the time it will take and the cost. The cost is determined by the amount of work required.

Once we agree, work starts. At the agreed time, we will forward to you three electronic files: (1) the edited version, (2) a version with all the changes tracked in MS Word which enables the author to quickly see all the changes made without having to make a manual comparison of the documents, and (3) a report providing some clarifications for some of the changes made, comments, and perhaps some suggestions for improvement. After this, our policy is to remain faithfully in touch with you beyond the contract if you need our advice to sort out anything.

Note: We work on soft copies. If, however, your work is handwritten we have facilities to get it typeset for you for a fee before proceeding with editing.

Procedure for ghostwriting and the other services are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.