We do basic editing for grammar and typos. Then we check for form, order, and internal consistency of facts, voice and mechanics, all the while remaining in touch with you to ensure it remains your work. We check for continuity and clarify meaning. We guarantee you your job becoming the best it can be. See Services.


A good production starts with a good script. We convert your idea into a screenplay. We work with you to produce the script that is perfect for a movie, stage play, short film, radio or television broadcast.


We write engaging content that represents you, stands you out and delivers. Whether it’s articles, website content, résumés, business proposals or political manifestos, contact us.


We produce professionally designed and well-finished magazines targeted at their audience. Contact us for writing, design, layout or production of magazines, brochures and end of year journals for schools, companies and associations.


Do you feel you have a book inside of you but can’t write it, either because you don’t have the time or the skills? We will work with you to create that book. Once you hire us, we become your writer and will weave your ideas into a book that will carry your name as its author.


Get your manuscript ahead of the pack by getting it properly “finished”. If you are self-publishing, a book riddled with grammatical errors, typos and poor arrangement will not be taken seriously. See Why you need an editor. Our affordable services include professional editing and proofreading. We offer book indexing. We also write submission proposals and offer publishing advice.


There are marks awarded for “mechanical accuracy” in academic writing. While we do not write long essays, theses and other academic papers, we edit to ensure you don’t have to worry about mistakes.


Hire a book editor in Lagos from any part of the world. You will send us a sample of your work. You will only get to hire us if you are satisfied with our approach to your job. See Our Process.


We can produce SEO rich content that is researched to reach your target audience.